Friday, 18 December 2009

Eye in the Star.

Eye in the Star.

We, are lost.
Tumbled down this endless pit of deceit.
Deceived, we are.

Succumbed to the eye.
Blinded by the stars.
Paralyzed, we are.

Our faith withers.
Our strength crumbles.
Suffocated by our adversary.
Weak, we are.

Stuck in this pit,
Fluorescence is what we seek.

Ember, to overcome this darkness.
Guidance, we chase.

We live for the hereafter.
Are we prepared?

We breathe a mortal's breath.
We bled a mortal's blood.

For the end is near.



dark90 said...

i think this post is quite self-explanatory... for all of you of u who don't understand what the star is or the eye.. i recommend u guys watch this.. 53 parts and all. don't skip.. or u wouldn't understand.

Bijan said...

hu3.. kat TK ade full 1G nt nko tlg kisah sket aku eh

dark90 said...

tarak hal

Lun said...

mata, atas piramid.. tu sme simbul2 bagi yahudi

umar said...

lebih tepat adalah zionist.sebab x semua yahudi zionist,n zionist bukan sahaja dari bangsa yahudi,ada gak dari bangsa lain...untuk keterangan tgk the arrival.

Anonymous said...

the arrival ... the arrival ... the arrival.
Dunia luar ni pun penting jugak. Asyik nak tau rahsia-rahsia, misteri-misteri. Dunia realiti perlu perhatian yg lebih lagi.

Umar said...

aku nak cakap pasal puak zionist saja.

Anonymous said...

ko silap mat.
dunia rialiti tu mmg penting.
ape maksud ko dgn dunia rialiti tu?
sape yg susunnye?
macam mane ley terjadi?
pd aku ko sendiri xphm ape tu maksud dunia rialiti.
sbelum tu aku nk tnye.
ko da tgk the arrival??

Lm10-Lionel Messi fan said...

ok cuba ko bgtahu aku dunia realiti ko mcm mn? bunyi cam ko idup kt dunia lain .. dunia ko x de puak zionis pe?

Anonymous said...

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