Saturday, 31 October 2009

Land Of The Lamb

Ages has the genocide began,
a black hole in this motherland.

For what use has this been?
This massacre.
Kill or be killed, they say.

Long has the war drum beats,
war sirens wailed.
Why has none of us answered?
Why has the world turns a blind eye?

We are the fallen.
We are the slaughtered

How long will this holocaust be?
This eclipse that darkens our land,
darker, it has become.
Years has the sun once shone upon us.

Why has the light abandoned us?
The forsaken, we are.
Have we no right in this world?

Long have we wait.
We shall wait no more.



anwar azhari said...


really nice.

great job.

*im just blog walking*

+kak chu+ said...

i like it!
keep it up k..=p