Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I am rotten.
Rotted by this narcotics.

Guilt, I felt.
For the wrong turns in my life.

Regret, I am
For being weak.
I pray for strength,
for hope.

Hope, for a miracle.
Hope for my life, to not gone astray.

for I fear the worst.

This is,
the calm before the storm.
This is the time to prepare,
to strengthen.

Our clock is ticking.
Seize, the day.
For our end, is close.

Gates are gaping.
Gates to the promised Utopia.


nmz said...

thumbs up.:)

Bijan said...

smart.. x rugi aku kejot nko pagi2 p kuliah :P

dark90 said...

haha.. bijan x leh bla.. thnx mun :D.
moral - x kisah how rotten i am.. im still gonna pray or hope .. so that when the time comes, Utopia(jannah). will welcome me inside.. :D

+kak chu+ said...

nice 1!